The Letters of Ibn Abi Al-Shakhba Al-Asqalani: Prose-Technical Study


One of the most important writers of the fifth century AH, al-Hasan ibn Abd al-Samad ibn Abi al-Shakhba, Abu Ali al-Asqalani, died in a prison in Cairo in the year four hundred and eighty-two. He was a prose knight in sermons and inked letters. He is one of skillful poets as Yaqut al-Hamawi mentioned in al-Udaba lexicon, His letters are Ikhwani ones, and he addressed them to his friends, including princes and ministers of his time, and he has a missing letters collection.The Virtuous Judge was the most famous book of the sixth century AH who preserved his letters, drawing from them what he benefited from his writings, which only a few of their total reached to us and the most one gave examples of his letters was Yaqut al-Hamwi and they indicate the quality of his transmission that dealt with mutual issues between poets and writers, and the writers precede in for prose flexibility and fitting in express what behind the words and the meanings accuracy, depending on a wide culture and an ancient artistic prose heritage.The study of Ibn Abi al-Shakhba’s letters is a serious attempt to find out his method of transmission and his artistic way of expressing his subjects and stating his written intentions and his artistic features in his time, especially in the styles of his Ikhwani messages and his good artistic and aesthetic depiction of them, as the topics he discussed represented letters of praise, satire, admonition, congratulations and description and he relied in his writing method on placement heritage in his letters as well as placement his poetry mixing between them to express his themes, as well as he was interested in the creative and syncretic prose, the style of his writing era, and his arts of alliteration, rhyme, analogy, balance and quotation ... but it was not heavy and ornamental, but rather in a way. It indicates a mastery of writing tools in his time without any prejudice to the meaning. The research will advance by providing an analytical technical study to his letters.