The Effect of the Thinking Hand Strategy on Acquiring Islamic Concepts among Intermediate Fourth Grade Students and the Development of Their Scientific Thinking


The research aims to identify the impact of the thinking hand strategy on acquiring Islamic concepts among fourth-grade preparatory school students and developing their scientific thinking. To achieve the goals of the research, the researchers followed the procedures of the experimental approach, as the researchers prepared teaching plans according to the strategy of the thinking hand, after the researchers confirmed their validity by presenting them to a group of experts and arbitrators, the researchers prepared a test to gain Islamic concepts and a test for scientific thinking, after they confirmed their sincerity and consistency. The researchers used the following statistical methods: (T-test for two independent samples, Pearson correlation coefficient, and Alpha Cronbach's laboratory equation). After analyzing the results statistically, the researchers reached the effectiveness of the thinking hand strategy in acquiring Islamic concepts and developing scientific thinking, and through the results that the researchers reached, a number of recommendations and suggestions were presented.