Globalization of education through the MOOC system


The importance of using technological development in the means of online education, such as the use of the MOOC system, has a real reflection on the development of society in the field of distance education. In this research, the most important aspects of the education system will be clarified through the MOOC, which is considered the most famous educational system in recent times, which is about lessons an open-source collective. It will explain how the MOOC works which is a computer or laptop. We will show the types of the MOOC system and the difference between cMOOC, xMOOC I will work to explain with a comprehensive presentation of the most important reasons for the delay in the spread of the MOW system in European countries and how it will be to overcome these causes in the future. The most important educational platforms that are used in their curriculum will be presented to facilitate its process. Online education, the global platform Coursera, Udmi. I will review its conclusion of the most important features of the MOOC system, through which the use of the MOOC system.