A Comparative Study of Literal Pun in Persian and Arabic Literature


Abstract:-Literature techniques and rhetoric are considered as the most important and extensive sections of literature in all languages and the reason why it is so important, is nothing but literary beautification which helps the author or poet has a deeper perspective on literature. One of the most obvious literary tricks is pun which includes different types such as Total, Incomplete, Literal, Semantic etc. Among the various types of puns, the literal pun is one of the most practical ones which is so important in literature. The present study uses a descriptive and analytical method to investigate the literal pun in both Farsi and Arabic languages and literatures. This study can help us to identify the factors that influence readers’ minds and thoughts. According to studies, it seems that the literal pun in both languages needs a semantic symmetry to help the listener understand the lexical differences better.Key words: Literal Pun , Comparative Study , Arabic Language , English Language .