Society and The state in Weber: the state as a political system


Politics is one of the concepts that have occupied the interest of many philosophers and thinkers from ancient times to the contemporary stage. Through this research, we aim to clarify what the state is, according to the German philosopher and thinker Max Weber. The research deals with Weber's political philosophy, which is one of the most important topics that he focused his attention on. Through his political thought, he sought to study issues related to the concept of the state, bureaucracy and power. It dealt with these topics in an integrated theoretical framework through which it sought to clarify the relationship of the state to politics and the relationship of politics to power on the one hand, and to clarify the relationship of types of power to bureaucratic organization on the other hand. In an attempt through which he sought to describe the policy that guarantees the emergence of the modern rational state that depends on the rules and principles enacted by the constitution or the law.