Impact of Innovation Capabilities in Enhancing Customer Trust in the National Product Analytical study in the plants of Abu Ghraib


Abstract:-The purpose of the current research is to determine the effect that innovation capabilities can have on enhancing customer Trust in the national product. The Abu Ghraib factories have been chosen as a field of research because they are the organizations that produce and are awarded the ISO International Quality Certificate, The research sample consisted of (246) individuals including heads of departments, managers of divisions and administrative units as well as participants in technical and administrative committees who have a role in marketing decision making in the organization in question. The research was based on seven dimensions of the independent variable. Innovation capabilities were: (knowledge management capabilities, leadership capabilities, risk management capabilities, communication capabilities, development capabilities, change management capabilities, customer and market knowledge), while the dependent variable had three dimensions (Trust in the organization, Trust in sales representatives, trust in the brand of the product. The results showed that there is a significant effect of the innovation capabilities in the customer's Trust in the national product according to the sample answers in the investigated organization.The study found a number of conclusions, including the direct interviews with the administrative leaders and the sample responses that indicated the availability of innovation capabilities at the Abu Ghraib factories. However, they are relatively weak in marketing procedures due to some governmental restrictions and competitiveness. The research recommended a number of recommendations, including the need for the organization's concern to not underestimate the innovation capabilities available to them, whether human or physical capabilities and work to benefit from them in improving the production and marketing activities that enhance customer Trust in their products. Key words: Innovation capabilities, Customer Trust, national product.