The Structural Foundations for Psychological Capital and its Role in the Constructive Foundation of Intellectual Capital-Analytical research for a sample opinions of engineers in the North Oil Company - Salah Al-Din branch


The aim of the research is to know the distinctive role of psychological capital in the formation of intellectual capital, depending on the sequence of its dimensions, beginning with human capital, passing through the structural and relational, through the dimensions of the psychological capital represented by flexibility, optimism, hope and self-efficacy, and in line with the goal, the North Oil Company - Branch was chosen Salah El-Din is a field for research, and the research community is represented by (512) of the engineers working in it as the basis of the intellectual capital and they are the ones who form the human capital in the company and therefore they are the ones who form the relational and structural capital, respectively. A sample of (77) was drawn from them to represent the research community. Correctly represented according to the treatment (Green, 1991). The researchers used the questionnaire, which is the main tool for research to collect data using the descriptive and analytical method. The research reached a main conclusion, which is that the psychological capital affects the intellectual capital depending on the dimension of flexibility, while no effect of the dimensions The other three, and accordingly the researchers recommended that the researched company should be aware of giving leeway to consider the importance of flexibility, beginning with the formation of psychological capital, and then its contribution to building intellectual capital and trying to improve Mad tea sessions or group parties to activate the dimensions of psychological capital, which contributes to providing the building blocks for intellectual capital.