Experimentation in the Iraqi prose poem As a text overpassing genre and type


Abstract:-Poets and writers can exceed borders of literary genres according to the text theory. This is what the critics of modernism and post- modernism see. On the other hand , arts change and transform in response to zeitgeist , so painting and all visual formation elements, which come outside the language, are but additional spaces enables poets to use more other expressive abilities. Without any interfere between the form and painting from one side and poetry from the other side. In addition , we can say that poeticism includes unreal side that is built on a mixture of art and objective phenomena in a text that calls for poeticism. Rhythm affects the receiver by its senses as well as by its absent and present awareness . Iraqi prose poem writer's using visual signs enables rhythm to give another language that can be understood by the eye before the ear . It also adds active , growing poetic spaces that gives a tonal unit to the Kinetic sequence.Iraqi prose poem breaks the circle of shutdown by the helping of experimental factors to make other new phenomena in subjects that it deals with. It interacts with many challenges imposed on the Iraqi society.Keywords: prose, Poem. Sex, text, Stripping, Type.