Spatial distribution of the spread of Dermatophytes disease and its relationship to the elements of heat and humidity in Babylon Governorate for 2019


Abstract: The research clarifies the role of the elements of heat and humidity in the spread of Dermatophytes in Babil Governorate, with an indication of the spatial distribution of the disease according to the administrative units of the study area and an explanation of the nature and type of the relationship between them depending on the data of temperature and humidity provided by the General Authority for Weather and Seismic Monitoring for the period (1990-2019) And data on skin fungi disease available in the Babylon Health Department for the year 2019 CE. The research reached a number of conclusions, through which he explained the effective effects of these two elements and the various environmental conditions that interfere with them, such as the decline in health and environmental services in the study area, the absence of licensed areas for burning and the like, and the research suggested several points, including facing pollution and advancing health.