The role of the chameleon leadership in achieving marketing superiority in light of the environmental disruption An applied study in the Mosul dairy plant in Nineveh Governorate


In light of the current challenges and the multiplicity and diversity of crises in the external environment surrounding the organizations and their turmoil. The nature of the work of managers in the production and marketing organizations has also taken a variable and unstable character in making decisions related to the activities they offer through which they try to achieve marketing superiority over their competitors in the market. The main research problem is to what extent does chameleon leadership affect marketing superiority in light of environmental disruption? The main objective of the research was to demonstrate the role of the colorized leadership (the chameleon) in achieving marketing excellence in light of the environmental disruption. The descriptive approach was used to test the main and sub-hypotheses. The research was applied in the Mosul Dairy Lab, as the senior management, directors and assistants of the departments, divisions and units were chosen by (75) managers, administrative and technical assistants, and officials of administrative and production units, and the rate of retrieval of distributed questionnaire forms was (87%), after excluding (10) forms due to incomplete data. The existence of a positive relationship between the two variables of chameleon leadership and marketing superiority, but the percentage of influence varies from one variable to another in the environmental disturbance. The research reached several conclusions, the most prominent of which is that the behavior of the chameleon leadership means the ability of the manager and decision-makers to change behavior and adapt to different environments. And to work with high flexibility with various crises, in order to achieve the goals of the organization, and the personality in particular. And a number of recommendations, the most important of which are: Working on employing administrative and marketing concepts in organizations and adopting their practices and characteristics as they are one of the basic requirements for the advancement of field reality, especially in the research laboratory.