The extent to which some critical success requirements are met for the supply chain management in the pharmaceutical industries


The current study shows the most important requirements of critical success for the management of supply chain, which identify the main obstacles that faced the performance of the chain in Al-Hukmaa company for the pharmaceutical industry and medical supplies-Nineveh. The problem of the study was summarized by answering: What are the critical success requirements for supply chain management? Are these requirements available in the researched company? Is it possible to diagnose the obstacles facing supply chain management in the researched field through critical success requirements based on the three-scale checklist. (Available, somewhat available, unavailable). After the clarity of the conceptual framework and reviewing the related old researches and analysis of the variables of the study. The researchers find conclusions that the most important points in it were: The most important obstacles facing the supply chain management lies in providing the raw materials and the lack of center for standardization and quality control in Nineveh province. Depending on the conclusions reached by the study researcher presented a set of proposals are consistent with these findings in order to improve by the pharmaceutical industry in Iraq, as: The need to establish a center for examination in the province of Nineveh. And close the relationship with specific equipped trusted and go about building a partnership with them to ensure the reliability of processing and joint cooperation and lasting with them for the purpose of getting rid of the problems caused by stockpiling.