Intertextuality and Access in Islamophobia News Articles: A Critical Discourse Analysis


Abstract:-This study is investigating the role of strategies of access to media discourse in highlighting Islamophobia as a racist ideology and how such strategies can be used to indicate a negative and vague image of Islam and Muslims in selected American newspapers. Through provocative and exclusionary practices motivated by the media of the conservative republican policy-makers in the U.S., Islamophobia begun to appear as a product of discursive labouring in which access and voice are hardly accessible by outsiders and designed to serve the in-groups positive representation. The study is a critical discourse analysis to (2) news articles selected randomly from two conservative American newspapers with an attempt to uncover the implicit relations of powers and the disseminated ideologies proposed by Islamophobic discourse and its strategies of access to that discourse as an implicit technique of dominance and control.Keywords: CDA, Intertextuality, Islamophobia, access, media discourse, ideology.