Hebrew poetry between the Arab environment and the Jewish religious heritage


The environment surrounding the human being has an effective effect on his literary production, thereby blocking the natural, religious, linguistic, social, and political environment, and its effect was evident in the ancient and mediating Hebrew poetry in several aspects.Religious tolerance, the spread of a culture of peace, and the non-exclusion of others contribute effectively to building civilizational and scientific bridges, tafkari and literary creativity.The impact of the environment included the form and content where ancient Hebrew poetry was influenced by ancient Egyptian literature due to the inter-communion of Egyptians with Egyptians and life in Egypt from the time of Joseph until going out with Moses the same thing during the Babylonian captivity period. Hebrew poetry was influenced by Babylonian literature as previouslyThe Arab-Islamic civilization environment and the Arab-Islamic literature had the deepest effects in the Jews of Andalusia and Hebrew poetry, but rather the Hebrew language itself, as the Jews fascinated their poets and writers with Islamic culture, and they tried to emulate them to create a Jewish culture in the Hebrew language.


Poetry is a structured speech, rhymed talk and writing in a rhetorical language regulated by specific rules of weight The Hebrew written in the Hebrew language means the Hebrew of the Old Testament, the language of the Old Testament תנ"ך and until the Middle Ages, where the study is limited to Hebrew poetry until the Middle Ages Arabic is the language of classical Arabic, the language of the Noble Qur’an, the language of Arabic poetry The effect of a change in Hebrew poetry in terms of language, artistic images, and content ... being affected by archaeological and linguistic environmental factors, etc. Environmental environmental and environmental environment ... surrounding man The Jewish religious heritage Books The Jewish religious heritage The Old Testament and the Talmud ...