Design of a Face Recognition System


generally enjoys an innate ability to distinguish faces. The facial recognition system aims to enhance this technological capability by using a sophisticated program that scans people's faces by displaying their analysis and recognition, as the system uses sensitive cameras to take pictures of people's faces at close range in a stable position. A quick look from the person towards the camera is enough to record the contours of the face such as position, size, shape of eyes, nose, cheekbones and jaw, then the image is saved immediately. The bio metering software allows any user to analyze and evaluate the image. Unlike other biometric technology, technicians won't need long training, making facial recognition easy to use to protect the audience as well as extreme accuracy. In general, this system came to address the problems of the work of the security system in important departments and institutions that need a high degree of security as well as the review of employees their personal files kept in the registration unit of the department or its institution and this work is better than the problems that exist