Employing social networks in performing public relations functions in Iraqi universities


The use of Internet technology and its applications for public relations requires a deep understanding and clear understanding by senior management and public relations officials of the roles that this technology can play in supporting and completing public relations functions such as public opinion and the spread of news and events of organizations and institutions. Further dimensions, management of the organization's reputation and image. Therefore, the problem of the current research started from the question (how much is the use of public relations practitioners in Iraqi universities for social networking networks to perform their functions), so that the research aims to achieve the following objectives:- 1. Identify the extent to which public relations practitioners use social networks.2. Disclosure of the most social networks used by public relations practitioners..3. Highlight the facilities available to public relations practitioners to access social networks..4. Uncovering public relations practitioners' belief that the employment of social networks will make gains in the performance of public relations functions. The researcher used the survey method to reach the desired results. The survey questionnaire was used as a tool for collecting preliminary evidence. The research concluded that the practitioners prefer smart phones to access the social networks. Facebook also came from the most social sites used by public relations practitioners to perform their functions. The results showed that there is no agreement among the sample that Iraqi universities provide the necessary opportunities and facilities to access.