Topics of terrorism in Arab newspapers


The media contribute to the progressive influence on the receiving individual in terms of the formation of political and cultural ideas through the provision of information and knowledge to form his opinions, beliefs, and trends and then his behavior within the community. Among the issues that occupied the societies is terrorism issue, especially after the appearance of the organization (the terrorist Qaida) and after that the (terrorist ISIS), and other terrorist organizations. This issue has become a matter of concern to the media, especially newspapers.This research came as a constitution and another complementary step to previous researches in identifying the topics of terrorism that the Arab newspapers have taken care of and have given them sections of their pages. The main problem of the research was on: What are the topics of terrorism that the Arab newspapers (Al-Sabah Iraqi newspaper, Al-Ahram Egyptian newspaper, Okaz Saudi newspaper) were interested in, during an important period of time that accompanied with the liberation of the Iraqi city of Mosul from the terrorist ISIS .