Attitudes of Student Teachers In The Science Departments of The Colleges of Basic Education Towards The Teaching Profession Before And After Application


The current study aimed to investigate the Attitudes of student teachers in the Department of Science / College of Basic Education at the University of Babylon before and after application and to achieve the goal of the study, a questionnaire consisting of (42) paragraphs distributed on (5) areas (components) was prepared:The questionnaire was presented to the arbitrators as per the honesty and consistency factor. The research sample consisted of (60) male and female students teachers from the Department of Science / College of Basic Education in University of Babylon and the representative of the research community of (85) male and female students in the fourth stage of the department for the academic year 2018-2019. In order to investigate the attitudes of the students teacher towards the teaching profession, the weighted average and the weight percentile for the all items of questionnaire were calculated after questionnaire distributes for the sample and calculate the frequencies of each paragraph and area before and after the end of the application.The results were that there was no effect of the gender variable or specializations on the attitudes of student teachers towards the teaching profession in the research sample, and that there is a positive attitudes among members of the research sample towards the teaching profession.The study came out with a number of conclusions, recommendations and proposals.