Ethical Behavior and its Role in Supporting Innovative Solutions in Organizations Analytical study of the views of a sample of employees in the Military Industries Company / Al-Rashid Factory for Military Industries / Babylon Branch


Abstract:- The aim of this research is to find out the impact of ethical behavior in supporting innovative solutions in organizations. The research provided theoretical foundations for ethical behavior and innovative solutions. For the purpose of achieving the objectives of the research, a hypothesis was drawn up that defines the nature of the relationship between the independent variable of moral behavior in its dimensions (moral intent, moral action, ethical behavior, moral behavior) and dependent variable. , Flexibility, originality), and in order to identify the nature of the relationship between the variables, the research adopted a set of basic hypotheses and the sub - In order to test the hypotheses of the research, the research was applied to a sample of the military production organizations to obtain the necessary information through the questionnaire questionnaire prepared for this purpose and distributed to a sample of the number of its members (74) representing the upper, Al-Rasheed for Military Industries / Babel Branch The research used a number of statistical methods which are the relative frequency, arithmetic mean, standard deviation, and coefficient of variation to measure and analyze the views of the research sample and the simple correlation coefficient to measure the correlation relationship between the test variables (t) Simple correlation, simple regression analysis, and F test to determine the significance of the regression equation. R2 was also used to explain the effect of the variables used in the dependent variable and the regression coefficient (B).The researcher found a number of conclusions, the most important of which is that the existence of the principles of ethical behavior in the organization in question contributes greatly to the support of innovative solutions, ie, the existence of a strong correlation between ethical behavior and innovative solutions. It has become clear that the variable behavior of ethical behavior is the most directly linked to innovative solutions in organizations Business.The research concluded with a set of recommendations related to its variables. The most important of these was the senior management's dissemination of the principles and components of ethical behavior among employees, focusing on what is correct and avoiding error, and considering it as an ethical work base for all aspects of the work environment. Is a hindrance to achieving its objectives.Keywords: Ethical behavior, war industries, Al-Rasheed Factory.