The Effect of Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) Technical Pillars on the Products Quality: An Applied Study at UR State Company


The Paper Aimed To Revealing The Impact Of Implementation Technical Pillars Of Total Productive Maintenance In UR State Company On Products Quality, In Order To Achieve The Objectives Of The Study, The Researcher Designed A Questionnaire Consisting Of (27) Paragraphs To Gather The Primary Information From Study Sample. The Statistical Package For Social Sciences (SPSS) Program, And Analysis Of Moment Structures (AMOS) Program Was Used To Analyze And Examine The Hypotheses. We Have Adopted A Study As Random Sample Of (141)Singles, The Study Used Many Statistical Methods For Data Analysis, The Study Concluded That: There Is Relationship With Statistically Significant Statistical Impact Of Technical Pillars Of Total Productive Maintenance On Product Quality In UR State Company.