Role of Cost Measurement in Small Industries Products Pricing Under Corona Pandemic


The research aimed to show the importance of analyzing cost data in helping to rationalize pricing decisions and the need to rely on scientific cost approaches in analyzing information on bread production costs as a strategic commodity in order to manage prices. The research adopted the descriptive and analytical approaches to build a general framework through which the research hypotheses and the achievement of its objectives are tested by relying on available theoretical data and those obtained from the field of study by conducting personal interviews and contacts with workers in the bread industry. The research sample was chosen, which is a group of Baghdad bakeries (intentionally), which were distributed in different regions. The research reached a set of conclusions, the most important of which was: The authorities concerned with price control have not paid any attention to analyzing the cost data of producing foodstuffs in general and bread in particular with the aim of determining the cost of the produced unit, on which the price of the produced unit is determined. The most important thing recommended by the research is; That there is of utmost importance to analyze the data of production costs of food products, especially bread, because of the importance of this in calculating the cost of the produced unit, on the basis of which the selling price and profit of the produced unit are determined.