Stylistic Study on Prophet and His Progeny Elegy of Al-Sanubary


It is a modern critical approach to the study of texts, which is the basis of many linguistic studies, and seeks to study the structure of poetry by shedding light on the repeated phenomena in the text according to the levels of sound, composition and communication to reveal the salient influences used by the writer. This research examines the elegies, “lamentation of the Prophet and his family “in the light of the morphology, the descriptive-analytical and statistical methodology of linguistics and methodological phenomena. The results of the study reaches the following points: In the vocal level, the lines come according to their content in the different musical instruments. In the occasion of the stress and the power, the poet benefits from the stressed voiced sounds and plosives, in the modesty ones, he does from the voiced sounds. The sad emotion prompts the poet to use in these verses the verbal sentences more than nominal ones.