"Building A Scale of Theoretical Legal Knowledge of Futsal Players" Lect.


The research aims to:1.Build a scale of theoretical legal knowledge for futsal players.2.Identify the level of legal knowledge (theory) in international law for futsal women. Methodology The researchers use the descriptive approach by survey style to suit the purpose of the research.The Community and Sample of Study: The research community consists of. (109) female futsal players, the research samples includes the sample of construction of (89) by rate (81%) distributed as follows: for the purposes of stability (14) and the survey experiment (7) and statistical analysis of test positions to find discriminatory force (68), while the sample application amounted to (20) by rate (19%) and each according to its proportion.Means of data collection:The researchers use questionnaire, analysis, information collection and testing as means of collecting data, the tests include: the scale of theoretical legal knowledge of futsal, as the research requested the construction of this scale for female futsal players. Scale building steps:Building steps include:1.Design the initial form of the scale.2.Setting the items of the scale in its initial form.3.The scientific specifications of the scale and included (the reliability of the pilot and the self-reliability).4.Stability factor.5.Statistical analysis of items (coefficient of ease and difficulty, internal consistency between the items of the scale).6.Find the correction key for the scale items.Statistical means:Statistical methods are limited to: (arithmetic mean, mode, standard deviation, Pearson correlation coefficient, simple correlation coefficient, hypothetical average of scale, coefficient of ease and difficulty, discrimination coefficient, percentage).