The effect of using the method of homogeneous small groups and heterogeneous small groups in learning some basic volleyball skills


Abstract The research aims to use the method of small homogeneous groups and small heterogeneous groups in the learning of some basic skills of volleyball, but the assumption of the research confirms that there are statistically significant differences between the tribal and dimensional tests and in favor of the dimensional test in the learning of some basic skills of volleyball as well as there are statistically significant differences in the results of the dimensional tests in learning some basic skills of volleyball, and the two researchers used the experimental method with experimental design in the three groups and included the curriculum two months (16) educational units during eight weeks. The unit time was 45 minutes giving 30 minutes within the main section of the unit, and after the completion of the educational units reached there the advantage in influencing the learning of volleyball skills for students for the small homogeneous group and then small, heterogeneous groups early compared to the control group, as well as that the exercises and exercise periods proved sufficient and comprehensive in teaching skills, which reflected on the skilled performance and recommended the need to include teaching in the method of homogeneous groups as well as small heterogeneous totals in the course of the new courses of education. An actor in learning the skills in question