Child drama and its importance in building


Child drama texts contribut signfl cantly to making the childs personality gain the skills that are in cluded in some dramas, suchas plays direted to them. In addition to their ascguisl tional values and contents, honesty and respesty for others, because the content of dramas directes at children placesints primary interests asecerch for guality in order to achieve the goals, as sought by the educationa process, whether with in the family oreducational institutions related to the upbringing of the child, therefore, the childs, drama seeks to accomplish dramatic actions that are appropriate to each stage of child hood and have Intel ectual, educational and behavioral impilcations. The rachitic text is one if the most important of these besic elements that constitute thecltrical work in achild thellter, because of the content it represents in terms of educatioual values and attitudes and patterns of behavior to be instilled in children it is one of the pillars of the theovtrica text and it is most important function. This means that theatrical art directed at the child proceeds to emphasize his educational and social role, as it helps to achieve the unity of the behavioral standards of the individual, as it carries an educational and educational discourse aimed at providing children with educational, moral, artistic and aesthetic values, through the use of the appropriate method of reception for them, which always variesof utmost importance to the child, as all the educational and aesthetic values transmitted by the dramatic text directed to the child affect the aesthetic formation of the child and awaken the sense of beauty in him and lead to a kind of integration in the personal behavior of the child, The aesthetic value is subject to its educational function, since it explodes within it all the energies of goodness, that the sense of beauty and the taste of it in the child is not safe during the presentation of good and influential theatrical works on the character of the child, and the idea must be present in the dramatic text directed to the child and be clear that arouses the interest and feelings of the child , As well as the method of presenting it in an attractive way that includes the elements of dazzling through the dramatic text, and that its events are within the limits of the reasonable and familiar and that they are within the imagination of the child and the basic idea, goal or content is cautiously and knowledgeable because the child is sensitive and intelligent, and that there are noble and respectful goals and objectives that fall within the tributaries The humanity that contributes to giving high educational ideals and values, as it arouses the child's interest, attracts his attention and excites, and brings him closer to the realities of life.