Deterioration of the Fourth Crusade (1202-1204) (causes and consequences)


This research paper deals with an aspect of the Crusades - the Fourth Crusade as a model (1202-1204) - which constituted an exceptional case in the relationship between East and West Latinos, due to its deviation from its original goal of occupying Egypt and breaking the Muslims' thorn and then heading to a home However, what happened was not so, so that we dealt in some detail with the economic reasons and focused on Venice for several considerations, then we touched on the religious reasons represented, especially in the tense relationship that existed between the Western Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox, and then we dealt with in the third point the political reasons represented In the Western hatred against the Byzantine Empire, and it was the beginning of the deviation of the campaign from its original and planned course before the launch of the occupation of the city of Zara, and from there the campaign headed towards and occupied Constantinople, and this resulted in several consequences, both on the Western world as this deviation and the occupation of Constantinople was a compromise solution that satisfied even temporarily All parties participating in the campaign, as for the Islamic world, especially Egypt, survived the campaign, which, if it reached it, could not be foreseen in the results that will result. Moreover, and despite what has been said and written about the deviation of the Fourth Crusade, the reasons for that deviation are still today of great interest to researchers.