Mustafa Ismail and his role in the fall of Tunisia 1853-1881


Mustafa Ismail is one of the prominent figures in the history of modern Tunisia. He is one of the ministers of Tunisia in the 19th century. He held several ministerial posts during the reign of Ali Mohamed Sadiq until he became prime minister. He played a role in obstructing the reforms carried out by Khairuddin Pasha. The country through the policy of waste and extravagance, and arbitrariness in the collection of taxes towards the people of Tunisia, making his work to hand over Tunisia on a plate of gold to the French occupier. The French occupier and colonialist did not come from a vacuum or send his military forces directly to the land of Tunisia, but sought to sink them with loans and foreign debts to seize their economic capabilities, exploiting the problem of minorities and demanding the Tunisian government justice and equality in line with some tribes that live in the border between Algeria and Tunisia. Security, as well as the weakness and inefficiency of the Bey and the ruling elites who controlled the reins of government in Tunisia were the Bay how he could make the ruling genetically in his family, Minister Mustafa Ismail, the French exploited the ignorance and love of power and money He imagined that once Tunisia entered under the protection of France, France did not forget the known and become directly Baye to Tunisia, agreed with the consul of France on the conditions of the introduction of Tunisia under French protection for five million francs was conquered in 1881.


downfall, Tunisia, chaos