The position of Egypt and North Africa toward the Mu'tazilah


The current study aims at shedding the light on the The attitudes of Egypt and North Africa toward the Mu'tazilah. The research tackled with the emergence of AlMu'tazilah and its start in the Islamic east, its ideological fundamentals, the names its was known with the attitude of Abbasid caliphs towards it, the way in which the Mu'tazili doctrine moved to Egypt and North Africa, the actions taken by the caliphs AlMa'moon, AlMu;tasim and AlWathiq against the individuals who protested against this state doctrine in addition to the attitude of the jurists and judges and the public. Furthermore, the study dealt with the attitude of North Africa towards AlMu'tazila and therefore, the area of North Africa had to be divided into three spots which are: The near, middle and far Morocco and the variation in the attitude for each of these areas separately.