Architecture of Ribbed Vault in Islamic City of Samarra 221-271 A.H/ 835-884 A.C


Samarra, the archaeological city, is the location of a dominant Islamiccapital that ruled the Abbasid regions of the empire, which extended fora century over Tunisia to Central Asia for a century. I is situated on thetwo banks of Tigris, about 130 km north of Baghdad. The location lengthfrom north-south is 41.5 km. The width ranges from 8 km to 4 km. It is awitness of the architectural and artistic innovations that developed thereand extended to other countries of the Islamic world and beyond, in which80% are still to be excavated.The study focuses on very important topic related to the constructionof ribbed vault, their types, and components. Also, the study reveals forthe architectural development of ribbed vaults with reference to the mostimportant types that found on Islamic buildings in Samarra.