Geographical Analysis of Traffic Accidents in the Middle Euphrates Region


Traffic accidents are an important topic as a result of the victims and deaths they leave behind, and the purpose of finding out the causes of accidents is to develop the necessary solutions and proposals that will help in reducing their occurrence. The research includes analyzing data for the Ministry of Planning, the Directorate of Transport and Communications Statistics for the year 2018, which indicate the occurrence of (3867) traffic accidents in the Middle Euphrates region, and Najaf Governorate recorded the highest percentage of the total traffic accidents in the study area with a percentage (26.9%). Collision accidents recorded the highest percentage (52.2%) of the total traffic accidents, followed by run-over accidents (37%) and then capsizing (9%). The research found that a large percentage of these accidents are mainly caused by the driver, with a percentage (80%) of the total traffic accidents. The number of deaths resulting from traffic accidents for the whole of the study area for the year 2018 reached (886) deaths and the male mortality rate was the highest (78.6%), while the female death rate reached (21.3%), and the number of injured reached (4263) injured.