the negatives and positives of e-learning in light of the Corona pandemic - Diyala University as a model


Today, in light of the Corona pandemic, many changes and transformations have occurred. Many matters of our lives have stopped, some of which are fateful and important, such as education and work, and some of them are less important, such as social relations between people. Universities, many countries have been forced to switch to e-learning, as an alternative that has been long talked about and the debate about the need to integrate it into the educational process, so between an instant, students found themselves in most countries of the world forced to learn at home using modern technology.After educational institutions viewed e-learning as a kind of auxiliary factors in education to increase educational options for those who wish to provide education or training, the term e-learning has spread, so there are those who have known and dealt with it previously, and there are those who have not dealt with e-learning before. In light of the crisis caused by the Corona pandemic in the field of education, this method came to solve the educational crisis caused by the Corona pandemic, as curfews were imposed, schools and universities were closed, and everyone committed to their homes, so students of all levels were cut off from education, from here today e-learning has become a necessity and a means to empower hundreds of millions of students From learning after losing the opportunity to go to educational institutions due to the Corona pandemic, which was a surprise to the whole world