The Marshall Project and its impact on the agricultural sector in Turkey


The research aims to shed light on the impact of the economic and technical aid that Turkey received during the period (1948-1957) under the Marshall Plan, which was approved by the United States in 1948, to help countries that were affected by the Second World War (1939-1945), in addition to that the project It came in the context of the Cold War between the Western and Communist camps, through which the United States of America aimed to strengthen and strengthen the economies of its allied countries to confront the communist tide, and it had the greatest impact on the development of various economic sectors in Turkey, especially the agricultural sector, which witnessed a great development due to a project Marshall. The research concluded with a number of important results, foremost of which is that the financial and technical assistance that Turkey received from the United States of America within the framework of the Marshall Plan has greatly contributed to strengthening the Turkish economy, through the advancement of the agricultural sector, which has witnessed a great development, by increasing Production of various agricultural crops, as well as increasing the area of land that has been reclaimed for agricultural purposes.