Mystus pelusius (Solander, 1794) as a new host in Iraq for the trematode Centrocestus formosanus (Nishigori, 1924) Price, 1932


Seven Mystus pelusius fishes had been collecting from fishermen that fishing by throw out net from Euphrates river Babylon government Al-mussab city near the butcher market, it had been measured and weighted, its weight 15-70.9 gm, and its length 12.5-23.2 cm respectively and then examined it, throughout looking for parasite infection, the excysts metacercaria phase of Centrocestus formosanus was found on the gill filament, then measuring and comparing it with references and the researcher finding before, it look the seam with [1] recoded, then by e-mailing Prof. Dr. Mhaisen and after he check his un published book, [2] the parasite considered as a new intrusive on M. pelusius fish and this fish as a new host for it in Iraq.