The Crime of Child Recruitment within the Framework of the Permanent International Criminal Court


The research deals with the issue of child recruitment in general as a crime, which is a process of recruiting children by armed groups or forces, whether voluntary or compulsory, for direct or indirect participation in the military operations carried out by those groups or forces. The involvement of children in armed groups and their pursuit of criminal behavior is due to the immaturity of their ideas, lack of perceptions, and poor assessments of the consequences of participation in armed conflicts; cruelty and violence in dealing with them lead the child to flee his home, school or workplace to join armed forces or groups.The crime of child recruitment is considered an international war crime, according to the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court in Article (8). Therefore, criminal accountability before the International Criminal Court for the crime of child recruitment is limited to the trial of natural persons only, who are criminally and individually responsible for the crimes that fall within the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court, and are subject to punishment under the statute of the International Criminal Court and this is confirmed by Article (25).