The Kharijites and their religious beliefs through Al-Kamil book In language and literature for the file (285 AH)


The Kharijites remained of one opinion since they parted with Imam Ali bin Abi Talib (peace be upon him) until their command was not with Abdullah bin Al-Zubayr, and Al-Mroud devoted in his book a remarkable percentage of Kharijites news during the period of their division, and the emergence of their divisions, indicating the contradiction of their ideas And their opinions, and intellectual confrontations between them, through his presentation of their exchanged messages, and despite the importance of the narratives he provides, they are characterized by brevity and ambiguity, which makes it difficult for the reader to arrive at an integrated idea of what he proposes regarding their separation and what made the matter more complicated, his method of moving from one topic to another.It was divided into two parts, the first was devoted to the Kharijites, which was limited to the main teams that Al-Mabrad mentioned in its entirety, namely Al-Azraq, Najdat, Al-Zeferah and Al-Ibadiyyah, in addition to Al-Bayhah. The second part was titled Kharijites religious beliefs, in which we dealt with some of the religious beliefs of the Kharijites that Al-Mabrad referred to in The context of his news about the Kharijites, the work included part of the faith and their saying about the perpetrator of the great, and the atonement of the unjust Sultan and the show and their saying in the caliphate or the imamate