Effect of Addition of Two Types of Commercial Baker's Yeast on Some Blood Biochemical Parameters of Awassi Lambs


This study was carried out at Animal field of Animal Production Department - College of Agriculture - Al-Qasim Green University using 16 male lambs to investigate the effect of addition of two commercial products of baker's yeast (CPBY) and their mixture on changes in blood parameters. The study included 4 treatments in which, ground straw was offered ad libitum whereas concentrate diet was offered at level of 2.75% of live body weight with two meals at morning and evening, without addition (T1) or with addition of the CPBY of Angel (T2), Super Maya (T3) at rate of 2 kg/ton, and their equalized mixture (T4). Samples were withdrawn from all lambs at the 10th week before feeding and 3 and 6 hours thereafter. Results revealed that glucose concentration was significantly (P<0.05) increased from 63.82 to 69.36 mg/100 ml and similar significant decrease in urea nitrogen concentration from 43.17 to 35.70 mg/100 ml due to addition of Super Maya CPBY. Whereas, effect of addition of that kind of CPBY on total protein concentration (TP) included its mixture with Angel CPBY. Thus, values were increased from 5.47 in control treatment to 5.75 and 5.67 mg/100 ml for both treatments respectively. Results of a current study also showed that all blood parameters were significantly (P<0.01) affected by time of withdrawing blood samples.