The Efficiency of the Keyword Method in Developing First Year Student's English Vocabulary in Marketing Management Subject


In general, teachers of ESP suffer from their students noticeable weakness in acquiring new vocabulary because of vocabulary learning necessitates that the learners develop the ability of face up to an intentional associative learning task, in which connections must be formed between new, unfamiliar terms and their definitions. So they need to learn not only the meaning of the word, but also have to be make the association between form and meaning. This encourages the researchers to study the efficiency of using the keyword method in developing student’s English vocabulary in marketing management subject.To achieve the objectives of the study, the current study attempts to test the following hypothesis: "There is no statistically significant difference in the mean scores between the pre-test (before teaching students according to the keyword method) and the post-test (after teaching students according to the keyword method) achievement in English vocabulary by students specialized in marketing management".The objective of the current study is to explore the efficiency of the keyword method on the development of first year students’ English vocabulary in marketing management subject.