Characteristics of the Use of Color in the Drawings of Autistic Children


The current study aims at studying the characteristics of using color in the drawings of autistic children by analyzing the projected drawings that they make.To achieve the aim of the research, the researcher designed a tool for analyzing children's drawings, which consisted of (6) main areas and (20) sub-fields. The research sample consisted of (50) (boys and girls)from autistic children who regularly attend (Rami and Al-Rahman Specialized Institutes) for the care of people with autism disorder, affiliated to the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs in Baghdad Governorate and for ages between (7-11) years. In light of the results of the research, a number of conclusions were reached, the most important of which are:1- The sample (children with autism) prefer green, red and blue and do not prefer using black, and they use one or two colors in the composition of their drawings, as well as overlook the outlines when coloring and use colors in a self-directed and far from reality. In light of the foregoing, the researcher recommended the importance of studying art education in creating psychological balance for these children.