Problems which were facing the local rice crop farmers in Agra region and its relationship with some variables


The study aims to define the problems facing rice farmers in Aqra, as well as to identify the relationship between the problems and each of the independent variables (age, educational level, cultivated area, number of working years). The final research sample reached (100) respondents excluding the sample of pre-test of (20) respondents, data were collected by means of the questionnaire form which consisted of two parts, the first of which, the independent variables studied, and included the second part, the dependent variable and included (30) problems, and the validity of the form was confirmed by presenting it to specialists in agricultural extension and was distributed to a sample A preliminary (pre-test) to ensure its reliability.The results of the study showed that the highest problem take the first rank was (the lack of support and interest of the state in the crop and rice growers) and the least problem was (the lack of modern techniques used to harvest the rice crop), and the study showed a significant correlation between the problems and each of the following variables, age ,The educational level, the cultivated area, the number of working years, and the researchers recommended the need to address the problems facing the farmers through appropriate treatments for each problem as well as the state's interest in farmers by providing their requirements and needs And support them financially and morally.


problems, rice, Duhok, Agra