The Effect of Chlorohexidine Gel foam on the Salivary Tumor Necrosis Factor and Interleukine-6 After Extraction of Lower Third Molar


Aims: This study aimed to demonstrate the effect of chlorohexidine gelfoam on the salivary Tumor Necrosis factor and Interleukin-6 after extraction of the lower third molar to compare these effects before and after extraction ' and to know the benefit of using chlorhexidine gelfoam after extraction of the lower third molar. Materials and methods:-twenty four patients were involved, patients classified into group 1[control group],group 2 [chlorhexidine group] saliva was taken from all patients by using salivette before extraction and seven day after extraction then measure TNF andIL-6 by using [ELISA] kits' Results: In control group there is significance difference in (IL-6) after one week of extraction without treatment from the baseline (before extraction) and the result respectively was (1.96±0.51),( 6.20±5.22), the result of (TNF-α) appeared no significance difference before and after treated the result after treatment is(25.9±30.8) and before treatment is (95.2±131.6) and the result of group used chlorhexidine gelfoam showed significance difference in both (IL-6, TNF-α) after and before treatment, the result of IL-6 after treatment is (16.99±13.31) and before treatment is (1.57±0.18) and the result of (TNF-α) after treatment is (56±79.3) and before treatment is (102.9±133.3). Conclusion: - the use of chlorohexidine gelfoam after extraction produce a significant effect on the salivary TNF-α and. the level of IL-6 when compared with the control group which enhance the healing process and decrease the chance of infection