Social transformations and their manifestations in the Iraqi theater space


The relationship between social transformations and theatrical art formed a space for the functioning of contemporary theatrical trends and to express this relationship in the manner of creating a theater space loaded with a quantity of symbols and sings that express the nature of social conflict in each stage of human history, so the castles and palaces were in the most attended spaces They traded and dominated the classical theatrical trends , as for the popular environments , alleys, inhabited by the poor classes It is the most frequently discussed in the realistic and natural theatrical trends. Thus, the research problem crystallized by questioning the nature of the relationship between social transformations and the presence and expression of the theater show space ,and the researcher has identified in the theoretical framework two topics .in theoretical framework .The first deals with causes of social transformations and the most prominent sociology theorists at every historical stage instead 0f ( Bin Khaldoun,Auguste Count and Karl Marx),as for the second topic deals with the determinants of the selection and creation of the contemporary theater performance space in some international experiences, and after that the researcher was able to determine the theoretical framework indicators which he adopted in the analysis of the research sample. The third chapter , it contained the research sample ,and one was chosen with the intention of the( AL-nakhla waljiran) directed by (Qasim Muhammad), and through analyzing this sample, the researcher was able to arrive at the result of his research, while the fourth chapter contained the results and conclusions, then he concluded the research with alist of sources,