Isolation and Diagnosis of Different Parasitic Groups from Some Species of Wild Birds in Daquq Distnet,Kirkuk Province


In the present study number (187) birds were collected, examined and dissected and the results revealed the presence of the following parasites:Parasitic protozoa: The Pterocles olchata and Columba Livia were found infected with Haemoproteus and this protozoa was recorded for the first time in Ptercle olchata.Plasmodium was found in blood of Cotunix coturnix and the Eimeria was found in Cotunix coturnix and pterocles olchata whereas Cryptosporidium and Giardia were found in Ptercles olchata and Mergus serrator. Cestoda: The genus Metadilepis and genus Cotugina were found in Columba livia and Mergus serrator, respectively. Nematode: The genus Ascarida hermaphrodite was found in Columba livia and Mergus serrator whereas genus Acuaria laticepiا was found in Sturnus vulgaris. Lice: Columbicola columbae and Companulotez compare were found in Columba livia whereas (Laemobothrion maximum, Craspedorrhynchus platystomus and Degeeriella leucopleura were found in Aquila chrysaetos. These louse species were new recods in lraq.