Impeachment Methods in the Legal Judgments in the Old Babilonian Period


The Old Babylonian period (2006-1595 B.C) was characterized by abundance of legal texts that uncover many procedures that were followed in Babylonian judicial Courts in order to avoid mistakes in these procedures that may take place, there were methods to review these legal cases. The aim of these measures is to enable the grieved people to get their right.Similarly this was the desire of Babylonian Kings to achieve justice in the society. The texts under study reveal four ways that were followed in the judicial system. Each way characterized had its own measures according to the nature of the case in order to achieve justice. These measures were similar to what is followed nowadays in the courts.The cuneiform texts refer to those measures followed in literature of legal texts which are designated as appeal method. This reflects the systems of Babylonian hearings of cases that noticed by a specialized scholar .