A Stylistic Study of Steinbeck’s “The Pearl”


Beside his interest in dealing with minorities, the well-known American writer John Ernst Steinbeck who is one of the outstanding figures in the field of American literature, succeeds in combining his realistic and imaginative writings with social perception .He has been called a “ giant of American letters ” as many of his works including his novella “The Pearl ” are regarded as classics of western literature. His short novella “The Pearl” explorers a variety of themes like family relations which cannot be fully elaborated without having an idea about the figures of speech employed by the novelist . The present paper is a stylistic study of some stylistic devices Steinbeck has utilized in his novella “The Pearle” to make his novel rich in language in addition to its vivid thematic issues .It aims to show how these devices are linked in a magnificent technique to create an active power and influence in reader’s mind. Additionally, it attests how the writer’s view towards minorities are reflected through these devices. The study is limited to investigate metaphor, simile, repetition, images and alliteration which are explained with reference to some quotations from the text . The researchers conclude that Steinbeck’s language denoted by his use of symbols and such irritating devices makes the audience gain a precise and deep intuitive understanding of the characters . In doing so, the readers are provided with a good opportunity to have a pure insight of Steinbeck’s believes towards minorities and aids a lot in making the events continue smoothly and finally to develop the plot . Hence, powerful devices such as metaphor, simile, and other energetic ones have their own dynamic and vital part in shaping the characters and exhibiting the themes of the prominent novella in the western literature “ The Pearl ”. Key Words: Stylistics, Stylistic devices, The Pearl, Steinbeck