The impact of quick attack exercises on some of the basic skills of emerging handball players


The research contained four sections, and the first part explained the importance of research and its problem which was centered on the weakness in the performance of tactical skills as a result of poor training on. The study aimed at preparing the exercises of quick attack handball and using it in the preparation of the players who are living, and to identify the effect of these exercises in the development of the level of skill performance in the research sample.The researcher used in the second section: the experimental method with one group, and the sample of the research was represented by the players of the handball training center in Basra, numbering (18) players.Some skill tests have been used to assess the level of skill performance. After extracting the results using the statistical bag (spss), the researcher concluded:There are moral differences between the tribal and dimension standards in favor of the dimensional test.The exercises used have a positive effect in the development of the level of skill performance of the handball (junior category) The researcher recommended the adoption of exercises used in the programs of preparing handball players for different age groups to raise the level of physical and skill. Research