Evaluating the College of Engineering–Basrah Univercity Buildings According to the Leed System


Sustainable buildings or eco-friendly buildings are one of the modern trends in the field of urbanization. Sustainability standards are the first step in the development of sustainable construction processes as they illustrate the global standards that define and guide design and construction processes. It is a tool for designers, restorers and users. The search included evaluating the Basra University -engineering college buildings under Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design factor (LEED). The evaluation was undertaken for buildings established in various periods of time (1975-1984), (1990-1994), (1995-2004), (2011-2015). By applying LEED requirements, buildings such as (civil engineering-mechanical engineering, Dean-building, computer engineering, Chemical engineering Bldg, Student Club building and classrooms) have got the normal classification according to LEED requirements while engineering workshops have got a sub normal, (electrical engineering building-architecture-building library-Scientific Affairs building and business students) have got the silver rating as the electrical engineering building, has added solar cells, which helped reduce electricity consumption. The rest are modern buildings and designed, implemented and run by advanced techniques and methods to help reduce the environmental impact, and contribute to reduce costs such as energy, maintenance, and operation. Costs they all contribute to the achievement of sustainable urban environment and convenient configuration.