The role of social solidarity in achieving the pilgrimage of Arba'een


Social solidarity is one of the basic elements of coexistence and peaceful cooperation insociety in order to share benefits and contribute in it، in addition to synergy toward assembly orunion. Social solidarity is also the necessary result of the fact that human being is a social beingwho cannot live in isolation from other members of his community in order to achieve severalgoals and objectives for joint action and achieve what he aspires to، including his cooperationand solidarity in successfully performing the pilgrimage of Arba'een in condolences to AbuAbdullah Al Hussein and his family (peace be upon them)، who generously sacrificed theirprecious lives for the establishment of the Islamic religion، so social solidarity was the least thatcan be provided by individuals for the purpose of comforting them.In addition، solidarity with values، symbols and society is a civilized necessity. It is afundamental human requirement، because values and principles need the spirit of solidarity inorder to elevate and themselves to the level of respect، reverence and commitment، as well assymbols that reflect، apply and warn themselves to protect those values and principles.And that a society that does not feel its members concerns and needs of each other anddoes not initiate an automatically responds to them positively will lose the most importantelements of existence and survival as a living community with a nodal identity and a specialcivilizational message، as the continuity of communities depends on the real availability ofa sense of solidarity and cooperation in their practical behavior and no opportunity to stayand register attendance without it. The masses of Arba'een pilgrimage have presented eloquentlessons in the meaning of solidarity and understanding of its facts and benefiting from its data.Today's humanity is called upon to learn from it، and their solidarity with Imam Hussein (peacebe upon him) and the values he has called for. They expressed their solidarity in the pilgrimageof Arba'een by the cooperation and solidarity among them as we see everyone is taking care ofeveryone else and is ready to quickly provide assistance whether adults، young، men، or womenfor the pleasure of the pilgrims during the pilgrimage of Arba'een with all their strength.Therefore، this topic was chosen in order to show the social solidarity and its importancein the success and achievement of the pilgrimage of Arba"een، and this is what is explainedthrough this research، and I wish the best from Allah.