Death in Ayneiat Mutamam bin Nuwaira between confrontation and surrender


By reading Ayneiat Mutam ibn Nuwaira, we found that it represents an integrated model of the ignorant poem based on the idea of death and confronting it. As this confrontation is reflected in the various themes of his poem, To reflect the ignorant vision through which the ignorant man was looking at death and what are the means available to him to confront it This confrontation took place on two levels. The first included the defense mechanisms adopted by our poet complement to stand in the face of death represented by (camel, siege and winery), The second level was the surrender of the poet through his bitter realization and the impossibility of what he seeks in this confrontation, which he has no ability to end, concluding his poem with wise verses through which the poet is subjugated and certainty of the inevitable fate.


poet, Paradox, feeling