Following auxiliary exercises to increase the effectiveness of the delicate muscles, to perform the youthful handball shooting


The strength of the muscles of the limbs of the hand (fingers, wrist) has a great effect, especially during scoring, because whenever the muscles of the limbs are of high strength, the performance of the wrapped scoring skill is effective and achieves the desired result, especially these muscles of the type of fine muscles, and that its strength has a direct impact on the scoring process and its weakness It places a great burden on the player’s physical and psychological capabilities represented by turning into a feeling that he is unable to perform games, so the researchers saw better scientific solutions for them through the use of special exercises to strengthen the fine muscles so that the player can perform the scoring skill with high strength and achieving a positive result. The researchers used the experimental method to suit the nature of the problem, and the researchers also conducted field tests for youth teams in Amara Governorate in order to diagnose players who suffer from weakness in the fine muscles. From the results of those tests, a number of players (11) players from the international youth class representing the research sample is out of (17) for the player who represents the research community. The desired results have been achieved from the research, and the researchers concluded from the precise reversals a great impact on the performance of the hand-wrapped scoring as well as the assistive exercises have great effectiveness in developing the strength of the fine muscles of the wrist and fingers muscles. They recommended conducting research based on other activities that use fine muscles in some of their skills, such as (some table tennis skills).