The effectiveness of the reciprocal method by using assistant tools to developing dribbling and jump shot for basketball young players


There is no doubt that scientific progress is taking place in the field of education and learning in physical education and sports sciences,education is converting the facts of science into act and behavior.The choice of learning method is extremely important to achieve learning in record time.The research deals with the study of one of the educational methods that give the learner an active role in the learning process.The study aimed to identify the effectiveness of reciprocal learning by using assistant tools in the development of dribble and jump shoot in basketball,and the average of development in these two skills.The researcher used the experimental approach for two groups, experimental and control,the sample was young basketball players,the tests were conducted for reliability and validity,the results were statistically processedafter viewing and discussing it. One of the most important conclusions of the research was that mutual learning had a clear effect on developing the skills of dribbling and jump shooting in basketball,In addition to providing necessary knowledge and information to learners.