The Effect of a Number of Water Trainings in Developing Some Physical and Functional Capabilities, in addition to Develop the Skill of the Straight Slam-Dunk Hit for the Female Players of Volleyball


Volleyball has occupied a large area in global sporting activity, as we see the evolution and variation of its levels through the development of certain elements and factors that are characterized by it. The multiplicity and diversity of exercises and the use of modern methods of training, including water exercises, will contribute to a certain degree in developing physical and functional capabilities and the slam dunk skills as an offensive weapon in volleyball. The research problem lies in a clear fluctuation in the level of achievement of this event, not only at the level of players, but also at the level of the Iraqi country in general, which may be caused by a decrease in the development of some physical, functional and skill capabilities.The research objectives are :- Identifying the effect of a number of water exercises on some physical capabilities of volleyball players.- Exploring the effect of a number of water exercises on some of the functional capabilities of volleyball players.- Investigating the effect of a number of water exercises on the skill of the straight slam dunk hit for the female players of volleyball. As for the experimental method, the two researchers used the experimental one-group design. The research community included the female athletes of Aphrodite Sports Club, who had a group of (14) women, while the research sample reached (12) players, and the two researchers (2) were excluded in order to conduct the exploratory experience of physical, functional, and skill capabilities and the training curriculum. The two researchers have prepared a curriculum for water training aimed at developing physical and functional capabilities based on scientific sources and using the opinions of a number of experts and specialists in the field of sports training science and physiology of training and volleyball, as shown in Appendix (1) model for one of the training units, the curriculum included (18) training units for a period of (6) weeks, at the rate of (3) training units per week for Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday, and the curriculum began on 30/1/2020 and ended on (16/3/ 2020) and included training modules in its main part as well as physical and job training the load levels were controlled and the appropriate loads were used (maximum - high - medium) taking into account the individual differences of the players. Then, the degree of load was formed by following the ripple method (1: 1) (2: 1) a special preparation stage.The study concluded:- The water exercises significantly affected the development of physical abilities such as (explosive strength and strength characterized by speed).- The water exercises significantly affected the development of functional variables (systolic and diastolic blood pressure - pulse rate).Accordingly, the study came out with several recommendations, they are:- The use of water exercises is to develop the physical and functional capabilities as well as to develop the performance of the skill of slam dunk hit.- Focusing on the capabilities that have a direct impact on the skill performance results of female players during training sessions.